Are We Right For You?

PARTNERSINWEALTH’s services are structured so that we can help households in various situations. Review the Wealth Management Services page to learn more about the two services packages offered.  There are three criteria to consider when deciding which service package is the best fit for you:


1.  Investment Management or Comprehensive Advice.


The Financial Planning with Investment Management package is best suited to you if you are most interested in investment management and have at least $1 million in investment accounts that you would like PARTNERSINWEALTH to manage.


If you are interested in a more comprehensive approach, you may receive more benefit from The PARTNERSINWEALTH Program service package.  To receive the most substantial benefits from this service package, your net worth should be $400,000 or higher, into the $100's of millions.


2.  Type of relationship you want with a financial advisor.


Do you want someone to just manage a portion of your investments or are you looking for someone to oversee your entire financial situation? Your answer to this question will determine which of our service packages best fit your needs.


The Financial Planning with Investment Management package offers a periodic financial plan combined with investment management.


The PARTNERSINWEALTH Program is similar to the above package but the financial plan is updated annually, and in addition to investment management the advisor oversees and assist with a much broader range of financial topics.


3.  How have you handled your family finances over the years?


If you generally like handling your finances yourself, but periodically could use professional, objective advice to build a strong financial plan, then Financial Planning with Investment Management packages would be a good fit for your needs.


If you have an accountant, used an attorney to draw up your wills, generally believe in professional services and are a delegator, The PARTNERSINWEALTH Program would be a good fit. 


What do you want help with?


Regardless of the service package you choose and given of the comprehensive nature of our work, we can likely help you. Additionally, our approach typically identifies opportunities to save you time and save you money that you were not aware of previously. We have expertise in a number of specific areas, and if we can't directly solve a client issue, we can generally provide excellent solutions through the network of other advisors we've developed over the years.