An Enduring Graduation or Wedding Gift


May 19, 2015


JRW_WW.jpgIt’s the season. From graduations to weddings, rituals of new beginnings and life changes are happening across the country. As you consider a gift to those close to you who are directly involved in such rituals, we have an idea to offer—something that can return value long after all the flowers, blenders and trips are relegated to memory. We are talking about the gift of a financial plan.


Why would someone just starting out on adult life or married life need such a thing? They need it because a sound financial plan can serve as the foundation for a rewarding, successful life. It can guide a person or a family to their goals, which usually require money.


Think about it. Does your son or daughter know the difference between an IRA and a 401K? Do they know whether it’s better to buy or lease a car? Or how much of their income they should save? These things are not generally taught in college. And since money is one of the things adults and married couples stress over the most, why not help those you love to start out on the best foot possible?


You can’t put together a budget for them, of course. But what about covering the fee for them to meet with a PERSONALCFO? And for something to go along with that, a book on the topic of finance makes a great gift. To find some good options, click here: Helpful-financial-links.


Ultimately, the aim of your gift of a financial plan (and book) is two-fold. It will help the recipient(s) with the motivation and discipline needed for financial success, right from the beginning of their new life-stage. It will also give them knowledge about finance they may lack, including some key principles I emphasize with all of my clients, such as saving 15-20% of income, not trying to outsmart markets and the principle of Low, Low, Low (cost, trading, taxes).


Of course, financial success and peace of mind is not just for your loved ones. They should be for you as well! Remember that PARTNERSINWEALTH wants to be your knowledgeable and trustworthy single point of contact for all matters financial. If there are any issues concerning you or that you would like to discuss, please contact Jim Waters, CFP®, at 713.964.4028 or