Finding the Right Trust Company for You


September 26, 2014



PARTNERSINWEALTH performed an extensive review of the myriad of trust companies available to identify a few options that are best-in-class and may be just right for your unique needs. But before we get into the specifics, a refresher may be helpful.


A trust to hold your assets like stocks, bonds and real estate can provide many benefits compared to owning the assets in your name. With a trust, a third party (the trustee) holds the assets and follows your written instructions on how the assets should be managed and when and how proceeds can be distributed to your heirs.


Setting up a trust before your passing can be a convenient and simple way to hold assets, one that can protect them from the complications of divorce, lawsuits and estate taxes that might apply if the assets were held in your name. This can save you needless worry about your estate as you get older.


It often makes sense to have an independent trust company serve as the overseer of the trust. But there are hundreds of trust companies from which to choose and multiple decision criteria to consider. You want to choose carefully because trusts are generally meant to last long after you’re gone. By that time, your beneficiaries may have little interest in monitoring the trust to make sure everything is being done correctly. By picking the right trust company to start with, problems can be kept to a minimum.


 In talking with our clients, we found they look for a trust company that:

  • is easy to work with
  • has a long, stable history
  • has no conflicts of interest
  • assigns a dedicated trust officer
  • has specialized expertise, competitive fees, clear reporting and the latest technology


Using the above criteria we went to work to find best-in-class solutions. As a first cut, we started with a 57-page report titled 2014 America’s Most Advisor-Friendly Trust Companies. This report identified 30 elite trust companies. From there, we used our own rigorous screening criteria to narrow the field down further. The end result is a few options that we know will align with our clients’ needs. The specific choice that is right for you will depend on your own unique situation.


If you would like to discuss whether using a trust company makes sense right now for you or learn more about our selection criteria and the companies we chose (and which one may be right for you), we are waiting for your call.


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