HBJ Ranks PartnersInWealth #6 Among Houston-area Wealth Management Firms


March 21, 2017


The Houston Business Journal (HBJ) released their new rankings of Houston-area wealth managers, and PARTNERSINWEALTH came in at #6. This ranking is based on assets per client, among firms with investment minimums below $1 million. To produce the list, HBJ gathered information from questionnaires, SEC filings and their own research.

See the full list here.

“We take special pride in the ranking because it says something about our relationship with clients,” said PARTNERSINWEALTH President Jim Waters, CFP®. “Unlike many firms in the list, we have no set minimum investment. That we still rank so highly in terms of assets per client tells us that our clients are very successful people who trust us a great deal with their money and all that it represents—their family’s well being, dreams and legacy.”

It also fits perfectly with the fact that PARTNERSINWEALTH is more than an investment advisor to clients. They’re PERSONALCFOs who seek to de-clutter clients’ lives by being a trusted single-point-of-contact for any matter related to wealth.

“The ultimate goal of our work is to free a family from worry so they can live the life they want,” Waters added. “Seeing that happen, as we have many times, is more valuable than any ranking. But the HBJ list does provide a measure of validation, and we thank our clients for making it possible.”

Does your family need to minimize its financial worry while maximizing its financial position? A PERSONALCFO can bring together the diverse aspects of your finances, and all of your existing advisors, to accelerate the growth of your net worth. Please contact Jim Waters, CFP®, at 713.964.4028 or jrw@partnersinwealth.com.