How to Ensure the Best Possible Solution



April 24, 2015 


JRW_WW.jpgWe had some meetings recently with clients to discuss what they most like about working with us, and ways we might serve them better. One very interesting thing discussed, which many of the participants felt potential clients would like to hear, was this: We have no particular desire to “capture” all of your assets, in the sense of bringing them under our own management.


Even some of our existing clients were surprised to learn that. It goes against the grain of what they’re used to. After all, open a single account with a big name bank these days, and pretty soon they’re trying to get all your accounts—investments, insurance, etc.—under their control, “bundled” together under one big corporate brand.


We don’t work that way.


As I’ve said before in these pages, we’re PERSONALCFOs.We see ourselves as the lynchpin of your full complement of advisors. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best solution available for each of your financial needs. And we make sure those solutions (and all the advisors involved) work together in an optimal way for your benefit. So the full team that we “lead” for you may include not only legal and insurance advisors but even wealth managers and financial advisors who are not affiliated with us. In this way, freed from the bias of trying to pull all of your money under our roof, we are able to pursue your family’s financial welfare as our only bias. Not many firms can say that. In our meetings with clients we learned that just knowing that fact made our clients feel better, even those who happened to have all of their investment assets with us.


I think one reason for this is because financially successful families like being able to compare money kept with one advisor to money kept with another. In other words, they prefer not having to keep all their eggs in one basket. But they also like knowing they have a single person who keeps watch over all their eggs, making sure they’re in the right place and safe. That’s us.


And if you’re worried that having a PERSONALCFO oversee assets you are already paying another advisor to manage will be too expensive, clients tell us the value received outweighs the cost.


Here you have a team leader who manages everyone, serving as your single point of contact, and has only your best interest at heart. That’s why we say, “at PARTNERSINWEALTH we don’t replace your valued advisors, we enhance their effectiveness.” To learn more about us, please contact Jim Waters, CFP®, at 713.964.4028 or