Introducing PersonalCFO Jeffrey Riley


April 27, 2016


JER WW PHOTOThose of you who have visited our office (or website) recently may have noticed a new addition to our team. I would like to use this WEALTHWISE to introduce him. Jeffrey Riley moved here from Kalamazoo, Michigan to join our staff as a PERSONALCFO. He brings twelve years of experience as a financial planner with him, most of that time at Prudential.


Financial planning is more than a career path for Jeffrey. It’s a passion. He has a commitment to his clients that is rare in the industry. He sees himself as their advocate, whose job is to ensure they are on track to their financial goals, as well as feel liberated from the time and worry it takes to keep them there.


“Over my career,” Jeffrey said to me, “I’ve asked so many people how confident they are in their financial future. Consistently the answer is, ‘I don’t know.’ There are just so many moving parts to consider that it can become overwhelming.  You have documents from brokerage investments, employer 401k/403b accounts, bank statements, insurance policies and more.  Faced with this complexity, many people simply pay the bills as they come due and maybe glance over investment accounts, but never take the time to ensure everything fits together in an optimal way. That’s where I can make a difference in a client’s life. I take all those puzzle pieces, put them together and show the client exactly what their current financial picture looks like.  Then we can evaluate together which pieces are working well and which need to be changed in order to achieve long-term goals. If I could describe in one word what I try to create, it’s clarity.”


Jeffrey earned his BBA from Western Michigan University’s Haworth College of Business. In addition he holds the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®) designation from The American College, and the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation from the CFP Board of Standards.


Like everyone at PARTNERSINWEALTH, Jeffrey balances a passion for work with a passion for life. He is excited about exploring the diversity of culture and arts here in Houston. With his wife Jill, a registered nurse, he enjoys spending time outdoors. He also studies foreign languages (especially German), plays guitar and has performed classical music with the Kalamazoo Bach Festival Choir in collaboration with the Symphony and Philharmonic. He practices Judo and has already joined a local Dojo. We may even give him an extra title of “Head of Security” around the office!


If you lack clarity and confidence in your financial future, come see Jeffrey and the rest of our team at PARTNERSINWEALTH. We want to be your family’s unbiased, single point of contact for all financial matters. Valuable things both tangible (net worth) and intangible (peace of mind), will grow from that. Please contact Jim Waters, CFP®, at 713.964.4028 or