Meet Matthew and Simone, Your New Support Professionals


August 26, 2016


Recently I’ve introduced you to some new faces at PARTNERSINWEALTH, and I want to conclude with a couple of key support staff who have joined us.

Matt_WW_Photo.jpgMatthew Yalcin is a recent graduate of the University of Houston with a B.S. in economics and business. He was one of those rare students who knew just what he wanted to do after college—work in financial services.

”I prepared myself for the challenge,” he says, “through a variety of part-time opportunities which included customer service, office management, and a financial internship.”

As Data Integrity Associate, Matthew will be providing quality management of our sensitive data, which includes ensuring the safety of your confidential information. Data is the lifeblood of an organization. Proper management is not only critical for security, but necessary for seamless and efficient operation. Matthew takes the responsibility seriously, and knows it ultimately means providing you with peace of mind.

“It’s proven that individuals who feel secure and confident in their financial futures are often healthier and happier than those who do not,” he says. “I begin each day with the full awareness that my continued contribution and dedication to the PARTNERSINWEALTH team significantly and positively impacts the overall well-being of our clients, their families and the community as a whole.”

Matthew grew up in Houston. He’s a classically trained pianist and self-taught guitarist and singer. You might see him performing locally. Having spent most of his life in the suburbs, he is excited about exploring everything central Houston has to offer.


Simone_WW_Photo.jpgSimone C. Anyachebelu, our Manager of Administrative Services, supports the team at PARTNERSINWEALTH by dealing with “big picture” issues while executing the small details so critical to your client experience. So much activity flows through her that you might say she is the nerve center of the firm! With prior experience working for Fortune 500 corporations, Simone challenges herself to exceed performance expectations by forming and nurturing trusting partnerships with our clients. And like all of us here, she is ultimately focused on the true bottom line of our work—your well being.

“I’m excited to be on the forefront of directly supporting the firm’s mission: To improve clients’ lives by leading them to an enduring financial peace of mind,” she says.

Simone is from San Antonio. She holds a BBA in marketing from the University of Texas at San Antonio and is an MBA student with a finance concentration at Texas A&M University. Apart from the demands of work and graduate school, she finds time to enjoy biking and yoga, and has a passion for travel. She has visited over 16 countries. And when not actually traveling, she improvises by exploring the many cultures represented in the Houston metro area through its festivals, museums and cuisines.

“I can’t wait to learn more about the history of Houston and how it came to be such a wonderful city,” she says.

Say hello to Simone and Matthew next time you visit the office. Their work will be important to helping your PERSONALCFO take the guesswork out of your financial life so you can rest easy and reach your goals. In the meantime, if you need to discuss anything with us, please contact your PERSONALCFO or Jim Waters, CFP®, at 713.964.4028 or