New PartnersInWealth Client Portal


June 7, 2016


Over the past year, in addition to bringing on top talent, PARTNERSINWEALTH has made significant investments to improve technology and infrastructure. The goal of these investments is to provide you the best possible service and enhance your experience working with us. The technology enhancements will also help us with our social responsibility goal of reducing waste, while improving the speed and the efficiency with which we serve you.

In the next two quarters the Operations team at PARTNERSINWEALTH will roll out several technology initiatives internally and externally. Many of you have already experienced our transition from paper forms with physical signatures to the use of the electronic signature process, where banks and other financial firms permit.

The investment we would like to highlight today is the PARTNERSINWEALTH Client Portal.
The Client Portal uses the same base application that your PERSONALCFO uses to develop your financial plans. This provides continuity in terms of the planning reports developed and the assumptions you utilized when working with your PERSONALCFO.

Currently, on our website, you have to log into the “MY FINANCIAL PROFILE” section to view your net worth. Separately, you log into the “MY REPORTS & DOCUMENTS” section to access your important documents. The Client Portal combines the two sections under a single secure login.
Another key capability of our Client Portal is the ability to provide you a variety of reports – Cash Flow, Asset Allocation, Assets over Time and Balance Sheet, in addition to the Net Worth report you view with the current reporting tool.

As with any technology integration, we are working with several companies – eMoney Advisor, Orion Advisor Services, Morningstar/ByAllAccounts, DocuSign, etc. – all of which are leading providers of technology solutions to the financial services sector.

We are excited about the upcoming technology initiatives and are working diligently to implement them for you. Over the next few weeks you will receive emails from us with additional information and login procedures for the Client Portal. We look forward to working closely with you as we – you and us – make the transition to the new and enhanced PARTNERSINWEALTH Client Portal.


Please click the link here to view a short video highlighting the capabilities of the PARTNERSINWEALTH Client Portal.


As always if you have any questions, please email Jaison Ipe at jji@partnersinwealth or Jim Waters, CFP®, at or call us at 713.964.4028.