Recap of the Women's Forum Event

July 10, 2013


This past Tuesday PARTNERSINWEALTH co-hosted a Women’s Financial Forum event with The Motherhood Center.  This discussion group was a wonderful opportunity to connect with other women and share experiences related to our financial fitness goals.

To those who attended, thank you so much for making this event a huge success!  For those who were not able to attend, we missed you, but want to share some of the lively conversations of the evening.

Just a few of the topics discussed were:


• Planning can be very important in making the most of your money
• Savings, Savings, Savings!
• How we may let life’s everyday responsibilities get in the way of financial planning until a life event, such as having children, triggers action
• How to save for your children’s education via college savings plans
• How money was handled and discussed in our childhood homes and how that has affected the way we think about money today
• How and when do we teach money lessons to our children

A fun evening was had by all.  Thank you again for joining and sharing your thoughts with us.  Stay tuned for future events...