Retirement: The Most Important Vacation You’ll Ever Take


June 19, 2013


Imagine two families planning summer dream trips to Greece, by two very different methods.


The Patrick family does all the planning themselves. They spend considerable time researching and booking options, and by the time the vacation rolls around, the entire family is exhausted from the effort.

The Torrance family, on the other hand, simply meets with their travel advisor one afternoon. She discusses options with them, makes suggestions and handles everything from there.


Let’s see how the two trips turned out.


While the Patricks endured a crowded flight in coach, the Torrances enjoyed first-class
seating – an upgrade their travel advisor secured through a personal contact at
the airline.  While the Patricks couldn’t
get into their hotel room for hours after arrival (and were surprised to discover
that their hotel was within eyeshot of anti-government protests), the Torrances
eased right into their hotel rooms, where they found a basket of fruit with a
hand-written welcome note from the hotel manager. When both families faced a
cancellation on their return trip, the Patricks had to stand in the back of a
long rebooking line, while the Torrances simply called their advisor who
quickly made new arrangements.


Which family’s vacation would you prefer?


For a weekend at an all-inclusive beach resort or a cabin on a discount cruise, arranging
it yourself might be a reasonable option. But for a more involved,
once-in-a-lifetime vacation, nothing can replace the professional experience,
insider knowledge and collaborative personal contacts of a quality travel
advisor who enables her clients to immerse in the experience rather than in the


In addition to ultimately delivering a better trip, a good travel advisor will more than
pay for themselves through access to deals and perks that even the best online
tools cannot match.


Why are you hearing about this from PARTNERSINWEALTH because this story is a perfect
analogy for the way we work. Your retirement is just as much a
once-in-a-lifetime experience as any vacation. Shift the story of the Patricks
and Torrances to your financial life. Are you better off managing the
complexity of your family’s many financial moving parts on your own? Or are you
better off having a PERSONALCFO who will free you to pursue your passions and
enhance your family’s experience of living? The latter, we suggest, makes
better financial sense.


Rather than replacing the valued advisors you already have; PARTNERSINWEALTH enhances their effectiveness through coordination, collaboration and dialogue. We help sort
through the “clutter” of information and serve as an unbiased sounding board
for all your financial questions and concerns. After all, your retirement isn’t
just a quick weekend trip; it’s a big-picture, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Maximize its potential for yourself and your family and enjoy the peace-of-mind
that comes with the experience.


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