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December 20, 2016


In the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to send a video that you may find enjoyable. The expressions on the onlooker’s faces is priceless.

In a bustling city plaza in Sabadell, Spain, a man stands next to a double bass, bow in hand, an upturned hat on the ground beside him. A young girl walks up, places money in the hat and waits. What happens next is far more than she could have expected. The girl and the surrounding crowd are treated to one of the best known and most beautiful musical compositions ever. It’s a reminder to all of us who lead busy lives around the holidays. Take time to stop and feel the beauty of it all:



We at PARTNERSINWEALTH wish you a holiday season filled with joy and gratitude. We are very grateful for our relationship and offer our sincerest “thank you” for your believe in us and our services.