Volunteering – Is as Good as Taking your Vitamin Cs


Have you thought about retiring, already have retired, or know someone that is about to? Okay, now what, golfing, traveling, reading books? Sounds like fun, but Mitch Anthony, author of The New Retirementality, emphasizes the importance of replacing our fundamental needs when leaving the workforce.

If you don't replace these fundamental needs research shows that serious health issues like depression may follow. Just as importantly, what should be one of the most gratifying periods of your life may be an existence of misery. 


The Vitamin Cs of Successful Aging:

Connectivity – Staying connected to people who energize you and are energized by you
Challenge – Having intellectual and physical challenges in your daily life
Curiosity – Growing and expanding your knowledge
Creativity – Having creativity in your life, passion and interest
Charity – Spending time, energy and resources towards helping others

How can you get a dose of your Vitamin Cs? How about volunteering?

  • For more than 25 years, VOLUNTEER HOUSTON has been connecting volunteers to a broad spectrum of diverse nonprofit organizations.
  • Maybe you would like to volunteer but you are not sure what you could do? Well, start with what are you passionate about.
  • Do you love animals? One animal rescue center needs volunteers to dress like Santa and pose with pets for the annual Santa photos.
  • Are you mad for the Arts? If you are fairly knowledgeable about music, dance or art an opportunity to assist children with disabilities to express themselves in a medium of their choice.
  • When you visit their website you can “search” for the perfect opportunity by using a “keyword” search such as “children”, “nature”, “pets” or “arts” to obtain a list.
  • Maybe you would like to volunteer somewhere close to home? Use the “zip code” field to search your zip code for opportunities in your neighborhood.
  • Only have a little time to spare? Advanced searches can produce a list of what openings may exist on specific days of the week, mornings or afternoons, etc.
  • Once you have found an opportunity that interests you then you call the organization directly to verify the position is still available and any other details.

Happy volunteering!


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