Enhance Effectiveness of Other Advisors Case Study


With the assistance of an estate planning attorney, Gary and Alicia began to develop a complex estate plan using many trusts and advanced planning techniques. However, completion of the plan stalled as they became distracted by other projects.


After obtaining permission from Gary and Alicia to work with the attorney on the project, PARTNERSINWEALTH uses our detailed understanding of the client and our access to most of their financial documents to assist the attorney in obtaining the information needed to complete the estate planning documents for their approval. This includes:


1)      Performing an analysis to determine how much money they need to hold outside of trusts to meet their income and other needs for the rest of their lives.


2)      Evaluating investments across all accounts to identify those that are the best fit for various aspects of their estate plan, such as charitable contributions and trusts for children and grandchildren.


3)      Reviewing drafts of the estate planning documents to ensure all personal factual information (spelling of names, addresses, dates of birth, etc.) is correct.


Gary and Alicia have an estate plan they are confident in because their advisors work as a team, each adding their unique skills to the mix. They also enjoy the checks and balances resulting from multiple advisors working on their behalf.


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