Financial Planning to Accelerate Net Worth Case Study


Peter and Pam are a young family with two children under the age of three. They have general financial goals for their family, but realize that a better definition of those goals is needed if they want to achieve them. A financial plan needs to be put in place, but they have no idea how to create one or where to start.


PARTNERSINWEALTH helped Peter and Pam establish detailed financial goals, in this case an exact amount of college education funds for each child, determined the age for retirement and annual after-tax income. The new goals were used to determine the specific actions that must be taken to achieve them.


PARTNERSINWEALTH then expands the growth opportunities in their current retirement plan. By maximizing contributions to their 403b retirement plan and establishing a pension plan for the portions of income that are self-employed earnings, their tax liability drops significantly while the growth rate of their retirement savings increases substantially.


Since beginning a relationship with PARTNERSINWEALTHPeter and Pam's net worth has doubled about every 5.5 years. 


Peter and Pam's income taxes were reduced significantly each year. Most importantly – all of their financial goals were met several years ahead of schedule.


Client Since: 1986