Improve Investment Performance Case Study


John and Judy's investments are not growing at a satisfactory rate, worrying them that they will not reach financial independence. Even more distressing, the client is unsure what to do about it.


 PARTNERSINWEALTH executes a systematic strategy that:


1)      Buys securities when their price is relatively low and sells them when their price is relatively high.


2)      Decreases risk by investing across thousands of securities.


3)      Increases performance by implementing the strategy with specially engineered, low cost and tax efficient mutual funds that have outperformed their benchmarks for many years; in some cases by significant margins.


4)      Keeps costs low by minimizing transaction charges and avoiding or deferring income taxes.


5)      Specifically outlines how the portfolio will be managed moving forward under various economic scenarios such as inflationary periods, periods of strong or weak stocks and bond market performance.



For the first time in 18 years of investing, John and Judy have a long-term plan that’s both sensible and proactive. They see the plan as a foolproof approach to making their investments grow  over time.

Moreover, 24 years later the client enjoys a worry-free retirement, attributing a portion of their financial security to the gratifying investment performance they have achieved. They have seen all types of investment markets – from raging bulls to significant downturns – and weathered them all with calm confidence.


Client Since: 1988