Increased Control over Finances Case Study


Scott and Mary are frustrated by their inability to gain control over their complex financial situation. They are inundated with incomprehensible statements each month and the paperwork keeps piling up.


PARTNERSINWEALTH organizes all of their assets banking and liabilities.  Asset and liability accounts are updated daily and they can log in at any time to view an up-to-date and easy-to-understand summary or detail of all accounts. In addition, PARTNERSINWEALTH scans and saves all important financial documents, such as estate planning documents, wills and tax returns in the vault section of the website. organizes all of their asset banking and liabilities.




Scott and Mary are relieved and are confident and in control of their money because they have a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor keeping an eye on everything. Additionally, they have a well-organized, current and consistently presented resource they can go to at any time to gain an understanding of their financial standing and the progress they are making over time. The paperwork is now much more manageable because so much of the information is available on our secure website.


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