Proactive Tax Reduction Case Study


George and Elaine had no way of predetermining what their income tax liability would be each year or how future financial transactions would affect their taxes. Each spring was a surprise – they were either stressed or relieved when they found out what their tax liability would be for the year. 


PARTNERSINWEALTH initiates proactive tax planning to understand how various transactions would affect their  annual tax liability. Because PARTNERSINWEALTH is aware of all client holdings and the tax considerations of those holdings, we can compile accurate projections of what the client's tax liability will be using "what-if" scenario planning.


 PARTNERSINWEALTH carefully analyzes George and Elaine's stock options and timing of real estate distributions to determine the optimum tax minimization strategy. An individual pension plan is established to further reduce the client’s taxes.


They no longer feel controlled by their taxes.  PARTNERSINWEALTH significantly reduced their tax liability, and projections show they will pay less in taxes for years to come.


Client Since: 2004