Save Time and Relieve Financial Burden Case Study


Finding it very difficult to manage their finances while keeping up with their family, careers and civic and social obligations, Jeff and Cindy are beginning to feel worn down. As an additional stressor, they desire to change accountants and possibly refinance their mortgage, but don't know who to turn to for advice.


 PARTNERSINWEALTH takes over the burdensome, day-to-day administrative tasks such as:


1)      Monitoring all investment accounts regardless of where held (bank, brokerage, 401k plan, etc.).


2)      Reconciling these accounts and providing performance reporting on one easy-to-read report.


3)      Transferring funds between accounts as requested by clients.


4)      Maintaining an optimal investment mix across all accounts.


PARTNERSINWEALTH also oversees their taxes, investments, estate plan, employee benefits and insurance plans. We notify them of any opportunities, discrepancies or errors identified in our regular reviews and coordinate the work between their various advisors to make sure no opportunities are missed. This includes providing information to other advisors as needed, such as tax information to the accountant for tax return preparation.


 PARTNERSINWEALTH draws on an extensive network of advisors to recommend an accountant based on competence, expertise, personality match and location relative to the client. We analyze home refinancing options, work with the mortgage broker and complete all required paperwork – all the client has to do is sign the forms at closing.


Jeff and Cindy enjoy the peace of mind that all aspects of their wealth are being managed well. Their time is now free to concentrate on the other important aspects of their lives with confidence. The effectiveness of their various advisors has been enhanced, and they feel relief and in control of their money without having to do everything themselves.


Client Since: 2004