What is the PartnersInWealth difference?

The PartnersInWealth difference lies in our net worth approach to financial management, and our specialized knowledge of strategies and techniques that benefit affluent households. Our technology platform that provides clients with an at-a-glance view of their entire financial situation is unique. And receiving compensation only from the client with no compensation received from third parties assures clients they are receiving objective advice.

Additionally, the delicate balance of professional expertise and personal involvement makes us unique. The WealthPartner, an expert financial advisor, coupled with The PartnersInWealth Program creates that balance by providing clients with the tools, instruction, guidance and support they need to gain control of their finances and manage their money well.

What is THE PartnersInWealth Program?

THE PartnersInWealth Program is a strategic, top-down approach to financial management that exposes financial planning opportunities you currently may be missing. Our proactive and forward-looking approach allows us to see and help you avoid the pitfalls that are sure to crop up. And our technology platform places you in control of your money by providing you with an at-a-glance overview of all of your financial holdings. We don't replace your current trusted advisors, but act as your CFO to make sure you are getting the best possible financial results.

Who may benefit from The PartnersInWealth?

PartnersInWealth serves households with net worths (assets minus liabilities) of at least $5 million.

What is the story behind PartnersInWealth?

The founder of PartnersInWealth, James R. Waters, CFP, has over 25 years of financial services experience. In his pursuit of learning how people achieve financial peace of mind, security and control, he studied the firm's clients and researched independent studies. After determining the keys to financial success, PARTNERSINWEALTH was founded in January 2000.

What are some examples of how you've helped clients?

Some of the ways PartnersInWealth achieves results for clients is by creating profitable investment portfolios, reducing taxes, sound stock option and real estate decisions, and helping clients organize their complex situations so they can make better informed decisions.

After reviewing the PartnersInWealth web site, what's the next step?

If it appears The PartnersInWealth Program is right for you, and you meet the profile of the households we serve, the best way to learn more and further evaluate our services is a telephone conversation with Jim Waters. Click here to learn the step-by-step process to learn more and determine if PartnersInWealth is the right advisory firm for you.

What is the mission of PartnersInWealth?

The PartnersInWealth mission is:

We will improve our clients' lives by leading them to an enduring financial peace of mind.

Why should I choose PartnersInWealth?

There are three reasons why you should choose PartnersInWealth. First, The PartnersInWealth Program focuses on meeting the unique needs of affluent households. This is our specialty. If your net worth is $2 million or more, we may be the right choice for you. Like most things in life, you're better off going to a specialist than a generalist.

Second, we have been helping people make the right decisions with their money since 1984. Our personal financial advisors, called WealthPartners, have an average of 12 years experience advising people about their money. We've helped people with financial issues similar to yours, and we know what works and what doesn't work.

Third, you don't have to wonder if the advice and recommendations you receive are in your best interest, because we avoid conflicts of interest. We accomplish this by only receiving compensation from clients. We do not accept commissions, perks, or participation fees from any source.

How is PARTNERSINWEALTH compensated?

We are compensated only through client fees and do not receive commissions, perks, or participation fees from any source. This allows us to be objective, impartial and fair in all advice we give. We also fully disclose in advance any and all fees or third-party charges.

Where is PartnersInWealth located and how do I get to your office?

Based in the heart of Houston, Texas, PartnersInWealth is conveniently located between Greenway Plaza and West University and within easy driving distance of both downtown and Uptown Houston (the Galleria area).

Where do the clients of PartnersInWealth live?

Our clients come from all over the United States. Physical distance is not a factor in our working together.

How do you provide privacy and security with regard to client records?

PARTNERSINWEALTH knows that the cornerstone to any partnership is mutual trust. As such, we consider it an imperative to protect and secure all of our clients' information and records. We will never disclose any client information to outside parties without client consent. As a continuation of that commitment to client privacy, PartnersInWealth meets or exceeds all industry standards for security on the Internet.

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