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  • Navigation # 3 sent to PartnersInWealth 12/14/2011
  • Design Revisions being done 12/14 - 12/20




PartnersInWealth | Project Scope 

Project Manager:  Tabitha Kokoska |

Tel:  281-497-6567 x 540 


This project is a Full Design Tendenci Website

PartnersInWealth is a financial advisement and management firm that focuses on successful families.  The unique approach taken by PartnersInWealth to assist and advise their clients is not only in the family’s best interest, but positions the company as offering a premium service that is worth the cost to their customers.

Typical customers of PartnersInWealth are family units with a net worth of at least 5 million dollars.


PartnersInWealth acts an independent, fee only personal financial advisors to these families and eliminates all of the problems, such as conflict of interest and self serving advice, offered by others financial management companies who benefit directly from their suggestions on money management.


“In an ongoing, long-term relationship with an advisor, as your net-worth changes over time, so too will the advisor's compensation. Thus both you and the advisor share the same motivation - growing your net worth.”


  1. Organize content on the site that is easy to navigate
  2. Generate more qualified leads (right or wrong for someone?)
  3. Educate and Motivate potential clients
  4. Create a buzz and spread brand awareness for PartnersInWealth
  5. Increase Event attendance & Newsletter Subscriptions


Target Audience


1.  Successful families with a net worth of 5 million dollars or more

2.  Delegators

3.  Current Clients who may offer referrals


è  Areas to Market (Elements to include on Home Page)

  1. Logo/Headline/Search Bar/ Standard:– Your Partner for Financial Peace of Mind
  2. Wide rotator with captions- stories module – to showcase information about different services or aspects of the unique financial planning provided
  3. Client Login
  4. About blurb w/ image
  5. Promotional Video (30 seconds to 1 min video) *** see notes page
  6. Newsletter sign up
  7. Upcoming Events
  8. Free Financial Strategy Report (button that goes to a contact form)
  9. Awards, Accreditations, validations in footer
  10.  Contact Information: Phone, Address, Directions link.


Design Objectives:  One Design

  1. Keep current logo with Pat & Pat PartnersInWealth is one word in the Logo
  2. High End Clients need quick, clean, and safe website
  3. Simple and clean with a small touch of “warm and fuzzy”
  4. 3 Logos registered as TM
  5. No red or orange, no danger colors. These are wealthy clients who need a no-nonsense, objective advisor to whom they will trust their money.




Imagery:  Professional and content individuals and images.  Perhaps stock images or images taken at the PartnersInWealth office.  “Pat and Pat” images in logo, perhaps a modern twist on this if available in stock illustrations.


Colors:  Keep Current Colors and branding – added accent colors are acceptable.


è Needs and Other Information:


  • PartnersInWealth to provide any social media links and information that is to be provided on the site.


  • PartnersInWealth to provide any 3rd party services and links, such as ‘client login site’, and related information to Schipul as soon as possible so that we can include links in the navigation or homepage


  • PartnersInWealth may want to provide a list of upcoming events and important dates to test the stories module or slider.


  • PartnersInWealth to provide a complete list of contact forms needed on the site.


  • PartnersInWealth to provide a complete list of “services” offered.


Schipul (Tabitha) will send a complete list of needs further into the project.


**** Video information:  With the current budget, a simple 30 sec or 1min video can be completed for the homepage.  Anything beyond traditional video can be billed per hour or outsourced to other companies, then provided to Schipul.


            Ideas for Video:

  • Traditional Video (clip of PIW talking, explaining)
  • White board Animation
  • Traditional or Computerized Animation



            Video Outsource Referral:  This is who we recommend if it falls outside of our capabilities    on this project:

Project Timeline



Please note: All dates are tentative and dependent upon client participation. 



Target Date

 Dev Site


Click Through Navigation & Keywords Research


Design Strategy Meeting (Schipul)


Design Presentation

12/7/2011 +


12/21/2011 +

Main Template Design


Chop & Build (build website)


Content Implementation

Now - 2/13/2012

SEO, Analytics, Search Engines

Holidays est. 2/13/2011– 03/2012

Go Live Checklist

Holidays est. 2/13/2011– 03/2012

Go Live on approval from Pro/Sound

Holidays est. 2/13/2011– 03/2012


**** This is a “moving” timeline. Target dates goals.  The Holiday season can affect this schedule as well.