Recap of Our Latest Event: Financial Tae Kwon “Dough”


September 22, 2014


This past Thursday, September 18th, PARTNERSINWEALTH and Reimer, McGuinness & Associates hosted the 4th Annual Women’s Forum, Financial Tae Kwon “Dough”: A woman's guide to protecting her purse.


The evening included lively networking among the ladies, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones as well.


To those who braved the Houston weather and attended, thank you for making the event a success. For those unable to attend, we want to share some highlights of the event.


Some of the topics discussed were:


  • Spending & saving – What are some tools to get a handle on your spending to make sure you have enough control over your spending and saving.


  • Communication for couples - Couples need to communicate better and more often with each other about all aspects of money (budgets, investing, retirement).


  • Communication between parents and children - How to get aging parents to communicate better since taking care of an aging parent can strain family finances and relationships.


  • What makes you feel financially empowered? – From getting out of debt, to building/owning a business, to taking control of your spending & savings, our participants had diverse thoughts on what financial empowerment looks like.


  • Financial dependency – The fear of being dependent on parents or children was brought up by many participants. How best to create a plan to make yourself financially independent of family members.


  • Insurance - If we do talk about insurance, we tend to think of life insurance. However, disability insurance is as or more important than life insurance.  Advisors should really emphasize the need for long-term disability.


Thank you for joining us and sharing your thoughts. We are always open to and welcome your ideas and comments.


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