The PartnersInWealth Program

Our Approach

Investment advisors, accountants and lawyers are a vital, yet incomplete solution for many financially successfully households. This is because there is no one quarterbacking the overall situation and folding together the diverse aspects of your finances so you can make better decisions.


One of the two service packages that PARTNERSINWEALTH provides is The PARTNERSINWEALTH Program (see our Wealth Management Services page for an overview of the two service packages).  The hallmark of this service is a PERSONALCFO who has a 360° view of your financial situation.


As illustrated below, the PERSONALCFO offers the perfect balance of placing you in control, yet relieving you from having to manage the many components of your wealth all by yourself.


 PersonalCFO | PartnersinWealth


Your PERSONALCFO doesn’t replace current advisors (unless the relationship isn’t working), but provides simplicity in coordinating their efforts and brings in others with expertise as needed.

You're put in complete control but your PERSONALCFO manages financial planning (like investments; income and estate tax reduction; insurance; estate and philanthropic planning; and asset protection), record keeping and financial reporting. It makes for a trusted balance of professional expertise and personal involvement. Besides comprehensive oversight, the PERSONALCFO brings accountability, recognizes opportunities for improvement and provides proactive solutions.

Your PERSONALCFO is your life long partner who understands your goals and aspirations, and has that unique bird's-eye view of your overall financial situation. They will proactively contact you with ideas that will further improve your situation, and help you avoid the inevitable pitfalls that can derail the best laid plans; and give you the relief, confidence and unbiased relationship you have been looking for. You will meet annually (and more often if the need arises) and touch base at least four times throughout the year. We are there for you at all times, ready to listen and respond to your needs.


Our Process

Step 1
Call (713) 964-4028, ask for Jim Waters, and indicate that you are inquiring about our services. The conversation should take 15-30 minutes. Jim is generally available between 8:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. In order to make the discussion as productive as possible, please thoroughly review this website prior to calling.

Step 2
Decide if a more detailed discussion is warranted. Between Jim's evaluation of your needs and your evaluation of our unbiased services, mutually agree if a face-to-face meeting is warranted.

Step 3
Schedule a free, no obligation appointment with Jim. The meeting generally lasts 60 to 75 minutes. If you have a spouse, domestic partner, or anyone else who is an integral part of your financial future, it will be important that they attend the meeting as well.

If we decide to work together, the general annual cycle with clients is this*:

In depth Fact Gathering meeting → Present Observations and Recommendations → Implement Recommendations → Ongoing Advice, Guidance and Recommendations → Repeat


*Not applicable for clients who elect the Financial Planning Only service package. 


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