Our Wealth Management Services

Below is an overview of the two service packages that we offer. For assistance on determining which package is the best fit for you, please review the Are We Right for You page or contact Jim Waters at 713-964-4028 or jrw@partnersinwealth.com.







FP with Investment Management




 Financial  Planning

Not having a financial plan leaves you with little control over where you're headed. Your PERSONALCFO creates a well-crafted comprehensive plan for you that is detailed, integrated and proactive, with specific recommendations to get and keep you on course and confident.

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Sounding  Board

The lack of a knowledgeable and trustworthy confidant with whom you can talk with about financial questions and ideas can lead to worry and costly mistakes.  As your trusted guide, your PERSONALCFOunderstands what's important to you, helping you make informed decisions.

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Portfolio  Management

Uncoordinated investments can lead to poor returns, high risk and failure to reach your goals. Your PERSONALCFO builds and monitors a properly balanced portfolio, which allows your investments to work as a team to give you attractive returns while minimizing both risk and taxes.

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    Tax       Minimization

Paying excess taxes robs you of capital that you can use to live better now and in the future. Your PERSONALCFO will continually monitor your situation to uncover tax-reduction opportunities.

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Superior  Investment

Sub-par investments could push achieving your financial goals farther away. PARTNERSINWEALTH has access to Dimensional Fund Advisors, a family of mutual funds not available to the general public. Their mutual funds are known for superior performance, low cost and tax efficiency.

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Wealth Management

Disjointed and narrowly focused financial advice from several advisors will not maximize your financial situation. Your PERSONALCFO provides continuous oversight and proactive management of all your assets and liabilities to keep your many moving financial parts optimized.





If your advisors are not collaborating on your behalf, tax reduction and other opportunities are probably being missed. Your PERSONALCFOimproves your advisors' effectiveness by getting them to work together on ideas that will benefit you.




Online Dashboard & Document Vault

Disorganization can lead to missed opportunities and a loss of control. Your Dashboard will put your complete financial picture at your fingertips to keep you in control, while your Vault will securely store all important documents electronically. Both tools are available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.




Private Investment   Opportunities

Stock and bond investments offer only so much diversification, risk protection and upside potential. Little known but highly regarded private investments can take your portfolio performance to a whole new level and aid in leveling out the ups and downs of stocks and bonds.



Some services may include consultation with other financial advisors or other professional contacts, which may warrant separate charges by them (e.g., CPAs and attorneys).  However, PARTNERSINWEALTH will consult you prior to any potential expense-generating actions are taken. We will make every effort to minimize all expenses to you.  Additionally, your confidentially is of utmost importance to us.