Company History

Like most successful companies, PARTNERSINWEALTH didn't spring up overnight. After a decade in the financial services industry, James R. Waters, CFP® knew he had a better method for helping people manage their money. He established "James R. Waters, CFP® - A Fee-For-Service Financial Advisor" in November 1992.


Under Jim’s leadership, the firm PARTNERSINWEALTH grew quickly and steadily, with revenues increasing at an annual rate of 25.3 percent from 1992 through 1999. Following his belief in providing advice that was free of any conflict of interest, the firm would only accept compensation from clients. No commissions, participation fees, or back office support were accepted.


In 2000, Jim founded PARTNERSINWEALTH with the focus of being a knowledgeable and trustworthy single point of contact you can count on. Specifically geared for the high net worth market, the firm assists clients in mastering the three pillars of financial management: Peace of mind, security and control. PARTNERSINWEALTH helps clients implement what Jim's and others' research have determined to be the keys to genuine financial success and takes a “leave no rocks unturned” approach to developing recommendations that improve a client's financial situation.


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