Seven Reasons PartnersInWealth is Preferentially Different

You have probably worked with a number of financial advisors over the years who didn’t provide the result you wanted. If you are currently looking for financial advice, it may be wise to contemplate the famous words of one of the wisest men in history:


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.” -- Albert Einstein


Welcome to a different type of financial advisory service – a PERSONALCFO. The PARTNERSINWEALTH business model is tailored to meet the needs of financially successful households with complex situations. While it’s a growing trend, there are only a select number of advisors around the country that take our approach.


Below are the seven reasons informed, financially successful households prefer this approach over other methods of wealth management.


1)      PERSONALCFO at Your Service

Investment advisors, accountants and lawyers are a vital, yet incomplete solution for many financially successfully households. This is because there is no one quarterbacking the overall situation and folding together the diverse aspects of your finances so you can make better decisions. The PERSONALCFO offers the perfect balance of placing you in control, yet relieving you from having to manage the many components of your wealth all by yourself.


2)      Two Service Packages to Fit Your Needs

How complex is your financial situation? How much help do you need? Are you a "do-it-yourselfer" or would you like someone else to handle the details?  It makes sense for you to receive only the services that you want and need.  Therefore, PARTNERSINWEALTH provides two service package options so you receive services that fit your needs.  Review the Wealth  Management Services page for details about the two service packages.


3)      Financial Management Made Easy

As someone with significant assets, you know that your financial well-being isn’t just about investments. There are so many things that constantly need to get done – paperwork to be filed, accounts to reconcile, decisions to be made and more. We will get and keep you on top of everything – investments and administration – relieving you of the burden of having to do it all yourself.


4)      Optimized Recommendations

There’s a good chance your financial advisors do not work in tandem with one another. This is unfortunate – given their collective knowledge and experience, a collective brainstorm would create better solutions for you.  PARTNERSINWEALTH gets everyone working together on your behalf.


5)      Fool-Proof Returns

Our simple, but effective investing approach is a fool-proof way to buy low and sell high – the key to handsome investment returns. Moreover, with PARTNERSINWEALTH you will have a plan that removes the guesswork and puts you in control, regardless of what is happening in financial markets.


6)      360° Financial Management

Many financially successful households have an investment manager overseeing only a few of their accounts. The remaining accounts, often a significant portion of their wealth, go unmanaged.


That’s a bit like allowing the doctor to only examine you from your neck up during a physical exam! We regularly evaluate all of your accounts together and reposition them as necessary to generate maximum performance.


7)      A Dependable Sounding Board

Would you like to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy advisor you could bounce ideas off of? An advisor who knows your complete situation and only considers your best interests when responding to your questions, concerns and ideas? The PERSONALCFO approach is perfect for providing you with this kind of support that gives you confidence.


Tired of working with advisors who essentially take the same out-of-date approach? If you’re not completely satisfied with your overall wealth management, or if some of the above areas strike you as possibly a good solution, we invite you to learn more about our PERSONALCFO approach.


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