Jaison J. Ipe

Jaison J. Ipe

Phone: 713.964.4028


I am thrilled to be part of the PARTNERSINWEALTH team.  As Vice President of Operations my major focus areas span finance, strategy and technology.  My goal is to provide the best possible end-to-end experience for every client that walks through the firm’s doors.  We will achieve this goal by enabling our PERSONALCFOs to exceed their potential, supported by world class business operations, cutting edge technology and a top notch team.

Prior to joining PARTNERSINWEALTH, I spent 20 years working with startups, Fortune 500 corporations as well as with private equity and management consulting firms with a focus on the financial services sector.  Most recently I was a Director with the Insurance and Retirement team at American International Group.

I earned a Master’s in Industrial Engineering from West Virginia University and an MBA from Yale University.  At Yale I focused on Finance and Entrepreneurship while fine tuning my business acumen to have greater impact on our society.




I firmly believe that businesses can always improve, and become more efficient while continually improving their client impact and experience.  As PARTNERSINWEALTH invests in the next generation of productivity and technology tools, I look forward to hearing from clients about the positive impact we have had on their lives and how enjoyable it is to collaborate with us.




Just as our PERSONALCFOs strive to provide our clients an enduring financial peace of mind; I am committed to getting our clients to that point with a level of service that exceeds their expectation.




With three children under the age of six, there is no dearth of excitement, laughter and “goofball island” stuff at the Ipe family home.  My wife, Tina, and I live in the Houston Metro Area with our three boys, Luke, Zec and Micah.  We are active members of Crosspoint Church, Bellaire.  Tina is passionate about healthcare and, when not carting the boys to activities, can be found helping patients at Texas Medical Center or translating Spanish at Casa El Buen Samaritano.  Luke wants to fly airplanes and become a teacher. Zec wants to become a farmer, and Micah is mastering the art of walking.