What's It Like Working With Us

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” – Henry David Thoreau


Working with PARTNERSINWEALTH is easy – our top priority is to make personal financial management easy for you while accelerating the growth of your net worth. We offer the perfect balance of placing you in control of your finances while saving you from having to do everything yourself.


We are masters at blending our extensive technical expertise with that of your other trusted advisors to produce superior recommendations for you. Diverse financial situations are aligned and simplified so you can make better decisions.


Here’s what you can expect when you partner with PARTNERSINWEALTH:


Open Two-Way Communication


During your first year with us, we will hold from three to five in-person meetings and numerous phone calls and emails. Thereafter, we will meet annually or as often as your needs dictate. You will hear from your PERSONALCFO at least every three months – you’ll never have to wonder if or when we’re doing what we say we will do.


There are no restrictions on the number of meetings, phone calls or emails, and we will always get back with you as soon as possible within 24 hours. One of our core services is serving as an objective sounding board, so we welcome the opportunity to hear any financial issues or ideas. From mundane procedures and policies to sensitive interpersonal financial issues, we have the desire to listen and the skills to help.


Your PersonalCFO – Responsible and Attentive


Working with your PERSONALCFO feels like an ongoing conversation with a trusted, longtime friend. They will probably recognize your voice on the phone before you say your name and you will be impressed with how well they remember the details of your personal situation.


The relatively small number of clients assigned to each PERSONALCFO allows us to provide exceptional service to you. Have you experienced the frustration of agreeing to what will be done only to discover later it fell through the cracks? That won’t happen with us.


Keeping You in Control by Keeping You Informed


Following all meetings and phone calls, we compile and, if you like, send you detailed Smart Pad notes regarding what was discussed and actions to be taken.


All of our recommendations are summarized on a punch-list we call an Action Summary. It describes the specific recommendation, who is responsible for implementation and the due date. We hold the assigned person responsible for getting it done.


You will quickly learn that the login area of our website is the go-to place for staying on top of your money. It provides an up-to-date, complete and neatly organized listing of all your holdings and liabilities. In addition, our online vault securely holds all your important documents such as tax returns and estate documents.


Making Financial Management Easy for You


We relieve you from time-consuming administrative tasks whenever possible. If you were refinancing your mortgage, for example, your primary task would be to show up for the closing. We would handle most of the administrative tasks and communicate with the mortgage broker on your behalf.


At your request, we can execute most of your financial transactions, such as repositioning investments, transferring funds and more. In each case, we will always let you know in advance when the transaction will take place. We can also interact with your other trusted advisors and others on your behalf to get your ideas heard and implemented.


The Power of Teamwork – Generating the Best Possible Solution for You


We encourage you to invite your other trusted advisors to our meetings with you. The synergy and brainstorming of ideas can generate great creative solutions that advisors would probably not come up with working on their own. At your option, we can email your Smart Pad notes (see above for explanation) to any or all of your other trusted advisors for further input regarding what actions need to be taken.


We also distribute Smart Pad notes to the other members of the PARTNERSINWEALTH team to gain their insight as well. Should they have to substitute for your PERSONALCFO, they will be well informed.


An employee that used to work at a national financial advisory firm commented on how relaxed clients seem to be when they come in our office compared to her former employer. We asked why she thought that was the case. She thought for a moment, and then said, “They see us on their side. They know they aren’t going to feel any sales pressure when they come in.”


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