Who Benefits

The PartnersInWealth Program  isn't for everyone. Please read the following information to see if it describes you and your situation, and if it does, there is a good chance that you will be very pleased with our services.
There are three criteria to consider in determining if it makes sense for us to consider working together: Your net worth, the type of relationship you want with a financial advisor, and your specific issues andconcerns you want assistance with.

Net Worth is the easy one. Your net worth (everything you own less what you owe) should be at least $2 million in order to receive substantial benefits from our services.

Type of relationship you want with a financial advisor. Do you desire an ongoing, long-term relationship with an advisor, or are you looking for one-time or sporadic advice? Our services are geared towards people that want a trusted advisor that is staying on top of their situation and alerting them to opportunities and helping them avoid the inevitable pitfalls. We meet with our clients on an annual basis and have follow up telephone conversations three or four times during the year.

How have you handled your family finances over the years? If you have an accountant, used an attorney to draw up your wills, and generally believe in professional services, we may be a good fit. If you generally like handling your finances yourself, and are confident making your own financial decisions, we probably are not right for you.

What do you want help with? Because of the comprehensive nature of our work, we can probably help you. Additionally, our net worth management approach will probably identify opportunities you were not aware of. We have expertise in a number of specific areas, and if we can't directly solve a client issue, we can generally provide excellent solutions through the network of other advisors we've developed over the years.